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Part-time Chiropractic Clinical Supervisors

Part-time Chiropractic Clinical Supervisors

Candidates must have a first prodessional degree in Chiropractic from a CCE, CCEA, ECCE or FCC accredited programme and have a minimum of 3 years of clinical experience. Clinic sessions for part-time clinicians are typically 6 hours in duration and one or more sessions per week may be available. IMU chiropractic clinical sessions are divided into morning and afternoon shifts from Monday through Saturday.

Duties include supervising senior chiropractic students as they provide chiropractic care for patients in one of IMU Healthcare's Chiropractic Centres, which includes providing oversight of students' clinical documentation, tracking their progress, and submitting timely reports when required.

Interested candidates are welcomed to apply via e-mail to along with their complete CV as attachment, e-mail address, contact number.