Ravindaran A/L Alagasan


Ravindaran has been closely working with ACM since 2015, starting as a non-executive board member and served as assistant secretary. He holds an MBA in Healthcare Management and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chiropractic from the International Medical University.

With his experience as a board member for the association and as the Director of Chiropractic Services at his previous workplace, Ravindaran has been involved in numerous tasks related to improving the quality of chiropractic services within organizations and among newly recruited chiropractors.

As the new Secretary of ACM, Ravindaran is committed to strengthening and empowering chiropractic in the local healthcare system. With the number of local chiropractors growing exponentially in the past few years, he believes his experience in the industry will be invaluable in delegating duties that will promote chiropractic as a recognized and distinguished area of practice for a better quality of life.

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